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Rent your moving boxes



If you live in the Yorkshire and Lancashire area and moving within here, we can now offer a rental moving crates via our new service

Made from recycled crates, these moving crates will last over 400 moves making the most environmentally way to move home. Rent the crates, we drop them off at your home, you fill and move them and we pick them up from your new home.

Reasons to rent and hire moving boxes

1. They save you time

So easy to use just open the lid put your items inside and close the lid adding seals if required. With cardboard moving boxes, you have open up the box and then tape up the bottom of the box. Placing items inside the box also requires more protection(bubble wrap/paper) because the sides of the box are not as strong. And then you have to tape the top of the box shut.

2. They Save you Money

Why buy when you can rent? Our CrocBoxes® work out to be cheaper than buying cardboard boxes and its not as though you want lots of cardboard boxes. You can rent your boxes for as long as you want from a minimum of 1 week. We realise that you may want to store items but to save you money we include some cardboard boxes with each order for this purpose.

3. They save the environment

Using CrocBoxes® saves trees that are used to produce cardboard and water, electricity and transport costs of recycling old cardboard. A quality cardboard moving box will last 3 or 4 moves before it starts to weaken. A CrocBox® will last hundreds of moves before it is ground down to be made into new CrocBoxes®.


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